SPS Financial Management (P) Ltd. is a providing   bookkeeping, accountancy, tax preparation & data entry outsourcing services globally. We offer these specialized services at a cost substantially lower than the cast of doing   it in house. Our services are highly professional & will ensure that you will not have any problems in reporting.

Now CPA/CA firms and small business are discovering that outsourcing, book keeping and accounting saves payrolls, overheads cost and it is a major step in freeing up your valuable time.

We quickly adapt ourselves to your way of working. So you will see us a part of your staff working just for you. We provide full time & part time outsourced book keepers and accountants on demand.

Book Keeping & Accounting

We can produce accounts for every type of client be it professional, Doctors, Management consultant etc. or a sole proprietor, Trader, Partnership or a corporate client. We will work on any accounting software and worksheet as used by you.

You can start right now, We Guarantee 100% satisfaction for the work quality. In order to assure you about our work, we Offer:-

Absolutely Free

Start availing our services by sending data for processing like Bank Statement and checks involving time upto 3 hours. We shall process it absolutely free for you.

Pay if Satisfied

We shall send you the backup of above said test data completed. You will review the work. If you are satisfied, then it is the fit case to start availing our bookkeeping services. From Now on, our billing for services to be rendered by us will start. There will be no billing for work of 3 hours already done, whether you are satisfied with work or not. That means it is NO OBLIGATION FREE TRAIL.

Management Accounts:
Management Accounts are produced as per requirement of your client on a regular basis, whether it be monthly, quarterly or half yearly.

Inventory Accounting

  • You provide us with a listing of all product numbers in inventory and a count of the number of each product.
  •  Annual physical inventory shall be taken by you.
  •  We reconcile physical inventories to accounting system inventory and prepare any adjustments necessary.
  • We further provide the information in the format instructed by you. We may also complete the necessary statutory forms to help you file required returns on time.

Cash Flow Management

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a challenging task for most businesses. We offer a wide range of cash-flow management solutions that assists you in effectively managing the cash flow of your business.

Narrowing, or closing, cash flow gaps are vital to cash flow management. Analyzing the components such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit terms, credit policy and Inventory helps to identify the problematic areas that lead to cash flow gaps for your business. We can analyze all the components that affect the timing of your cash inflows and cash outflows.

Financial Statements & Reports

Financial reporting provides the window into the health of your company and is the visible effect of your accounting system.

We provide balance sheet and income statement compared to budget 10 calendar days after the last day of each month.

We provide various reports customized to your requirements in charts and tables
We also provides comparative reports stating “actual” versus “planned” are crucial to streamlining your budget. Through financial reporting our staff will create, interpret and work with you to maintain the health of your company and prepare your business for successful relationships with banks, investors or potential clients.

Reconciliation Jobs :

Bank & other Reconciliation including Accounts Payables & Accounts Receivables


Preparation of Personal & Corporate Tax Returns by using software of the client’s statues.

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